Staff Transitions

PERSONALLY, I'M NOT READY FOR THE LOSS OF FEAR. I LIKE THE SWEET SPOT OF FEAR AND COURAGE. THAT'S WHERE MOUNTAINS GET SCALED AND RIVERS DESCENDED AND THE HEROES STILL COME HOME. — Florence Williams Summer is right around the corner and with the changing season comes a flurry of activity in Portland, Odin Falls,... Continue Reading →

Changing Lives. Changing Society.

Wow, Elyse! We are so proud, and humbled, to support and partner with Elyse Rylander as a trailblazer in the outdoor industry for LGBTQ communities. As the founder of Out There Adventures, we are lucky to have had Elyse support Northwest Outward Bound School in our own diversity and equity training, as well as our... Continue Reading →

Women’s History Month

At Northwest Outward Bound School, one of our core values is Inclusion and Diversity. We live in an exciting era, and this Women's History Month is just another reason to celebrate women of all backgrounds. We applaud those standing up in confidence and resilience to say #MeToo, #TimesUp, embracing feminism and leadership. We encourage women... Continue Reading →

Journey to Outward Bound

Northwest Outward Bound School has some of the most dedicated staff members in existence and they all have unique stories about how they came to Outward Bound and why they stay here for so long. Ina Clark started at Outward Bound in 1990 and served eight consecutive seasons as an instructor. After taking time off... Continue Reading →

Safety at NWOBS

Safety is a central part of Northwest Outward Bound School's identity and ability to operate successful and transformative courses for our students. Risk and uncertainty are central to adventure and personal growth. Embracing this philosophy, Northwest Outward Bound School is committed to identifying, assessing and mitigating hazards, while at the same time providing real and... Continue Reading →

NWOBS Staff Do It All!

The NWOBS staff don't just do an amazing job supporting the Outward Bound mission, they also volunteer on Mt. Hood, run ultra marathons, explore the Arctic, and hike extreme distances. Alpine Patrol 2017 is Portland Program Manager, Robyn Gelfand's sixth season as a Volunteer Alpine Patroller on Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, the oldest ski patrol... Continue Reading →

Why We Give

When you give to NWOBS today, your gift will be matched up to $5,000, so donate now! On this #GivingTuesday the NWOBS staff shares why they give back to their community and to nonprofits like NWOBS. "I think it comes down to gratitude and responsibility. I’m grateful for opportunities I’ve had in life and that... Continue Reading →

What are You Thankful For?

This year we sat down with a few of our staff members to have a discussion of gratitude and reflection and we asked what they are thankful for this year. Here are some of their answers: "I’m generally really thankful for another year of delivering highly impactful experiences to our students. When I dissect that... Continue Reading →

2017 Black Tie and Tennis Shoes

The 2017 Black Tie and Tennis Shoes Gala was a huge success, thank you to all of the attendees, volunteers, and sponsors for their participation and generosity! "What a great event Black Tie & Tennis shoes 2017 was! I just love when organizations marry their mission and fundraising event the way NWOBS does with their... Continue Reading →

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