An Outdoor Uproar!


“For diversity and inclusion, apathy is not enough. We are in a time in which we must succeed in creating safe and welcoming spaces for all people outdoors today, tomorrow and every day.” ~ Mercy Shammah, Wild Diversity

When powerful women come together, change happens!

On the evening of November 15, 2018, our community came together to celebrate  Northwest Outward Bound School’s launch of Outdoor Uproar, an event to shine a light on the need for equity and inclusion for under-represented genders and cultural groups in the outdoor space. Our inaugural event included speakers from OUT There Adventures, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Wild Diversity, and a United States Veteran and Northwest Outward Bound School alum.

These incredible individuals shared how to shatter the glass ceiling for under-represented groups in the outdoor space, and beyond. What better way to grow and challenge our own organizational processes than to ask the experts in these areas, our sisters in like-minded organizations, and have a real conversation about change.

We came together and we roared!

Thank you to the 140+ attendees who joined us at Produce Row Café for a night of conversation, advocacy and momentum towards a place where barriers are removed and limits are only those we set upon ourselves.

A special congratulations to Doug Wells, the winner of our once-in-a-lifetime raffle prize! Our friends from Warm Springs Horse Network generously donated a spectacular overnight adventure with award-winning photographer and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs tribal member, Edward Heath.


“It is imperative that we continue to cultivate more nuanced and intersectional pathways to equity for all genders. By continuing to change our industry into one that allows all individuals to arrive as their authentic selves and be seen, heard and valued we are creating truly inclusive spaces wherein opportunity for world changing ideas will undoubtedly occur,” ~ Elyse Rylander, OUT There Adventures


“We are joining organizations like the Northwest Outward Bound School to focus on change and inclusion, realizing the importance rebuilding the relationship of girls, women, people of color and indigenous peoples to those places where our ancestors still speak to us.” ~ Alyssa Macy, Chief Operations Officer, Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs


The outdoors are for everyone.

As we come together, we are unstoppable.

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Your support will break barriers and open up opportunities for Northwest Outward Bound School’s women and girls leadership program.


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