Find Your Passion & Remember to Give Back!


“I’m passionate about the outdoors. I love being outside. And I was able to see through the Outward Bound training how powerful this organization is and what they can do.” ~ Susanne Orton //

Wise words from our Chief Development and Engagement Officer, Susanne Orton. A woman who’s not only been there, done that and has the t-shirts to prove it, but the experience and compassion too.

Susanne recently sat down with PDX Executive Forum to share her journey as an outdoor model turned photojournalist to executive powerhouse. Joining Northwest Outward Bound School with decades of expertise in advocacy and philanthropy, Susanne has become our pivot point in building narrative to move hearts and minds, and is spearheading our evolving digital strategies and engagement efforts.

Other highlights and the full audio from the interview are posted here. Less than 30 min., this is a perfect over-lunch listen!

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