Women’s History Month

At Northwest Outward Bound School, one of our core values is Inclusion and Diversity. We live in an exciting era, and this Women’s History Month is just another reason to celebrate women of all backgrounds. We applaud those standing up in confidence and resilience to say #MeToo, #TimesUp, embracing feminism and leadership. We encourage women to continue to break records, push their limits, and change the world.

Check out Outside Magazine’s article on history-making Margo Hayes!

Outward Bound’s first all-women’s expedition in the United States in 1965. Today, Northwest Outward Bound School’s key leadership team and full-time staff are made up of a majority of women. We could not be more proud of the passion, perseverance, and compassion of our female leaders we call our family. The women on our leadership team are not only working to change and inspire our students to chase their full potential, but they are our roles models for adventure, compassion, and leadership.

This month we asked our staff what it means to be a woman with Northwest Outward Bound School:

“For the past 6 years I have been in an administrative role with Northwest Outward Bound School and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside administrators who find commonality to unite us yet value the differences we bring as a team. In recognition of women’s history month, I reflected on the people I work with that identify as women and my opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired by their leadership at all levels. The things I have learned include; how to have courageous conversations, leadership takes many forms, confidence with authenticity, striking the balance of work and family, the value in different perspectives, the fun when wearing costumes, and how to gain trust. I appreciate and I am grateful for this learning.  

During this reflection on women’s history month, I also reflected on the changes that have increased women’s rights, yet the continued need for improvement. For example, last year June was National Pride Month, this year there is no National Pride month. As a NWOBS community, I hope that we continue to learn from one another, value our difference, promote and celebrate these differences, and continue to explore, discuss, and support all staff and students.”

As an educational organization, Northwest Outward Bound School fosters culture of continuous learning from experience. We value compassion, integrity, and inclusion and diversity. We look at the relevant issues of today, and challenge our students to discover that they are capable to change the world for the better.

Join us in ensuring that individuals of all backgrounds and experiences have an opportunity like Outward Bound through our scholarships.

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