Tribute to Mike Armstrong, Support Staff Development

Dear friends,
After twenty-two years of dedicated service to Outward Bound, the staff, and students, Mike is stepping down from his role as Northwest Outward Bound School (NWOBS) Oregon Program Director and NWOBS Safety Director to seek new challenges and adventures with me and our son, Aiden. As many of you have witnessed first-hand, Mike lives and breathes the values Outward Bound: Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, and Inclusion and Diversity. Throughout his tenure with Outward Bound, he has led with dedication, passion and commitment while excelling in inspiring staff and students alike to embrace the mission of the school. Over the past two plus decades, I think it is fair to say that Mike has positively impacted countless lives, particularly the staff who worked with him at Odin Falls.

I am pleased to announce that NWOBS will be honoring Mike’s legacy and service at the Black Tie & Tennis Shoes Benefit Dinner on November 19th. A large part of Mike’s Outward Bound legacy is his dedication to the staff. His desire to ensure that staff are given every possible opportunity for professional development, community building, and life enrichment is paramount. Consequently, NWOBS is establishing the first-ever Mike Armstrong NWOBS Staff Development Fund. The goal is to raise a minimum of $3,500 towards the fund in the first year. The funds raised will support professional development opportunities and staff expeditions. Your contribution, however large or small, will be immensely meaningful to Mike and our family.

Though Mike is leaving his position at Outward Bound, I know he and our family will be involved with Outward Bound for the rest of our lives. I would like to personally thank you for the love and generosity that you have shown our family over the years. Many in the Outward Bound community have positively contributed to the upbringing Aiden. I hope you know how much each and every one of you have greatly impacted Mike’s life and are a part of his journey in becoming the leader that he is today.

Again, thank you for your passion, service and commitment to NWOBS. I hope you will join our family in contributing to the Mike Armstrong NWOBS Staff Development Fund. Together, we will continue to ensure that staff are afforded the opportunity for professional development, community building, and life enrichment.
Warmest regards,
Bea Armstrong

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