Build the Future Leaders of Tomorrow through Challenge and Discovery

Giving the Gift of Courage Scholarship student Feliciana Conner is one of the 1,600+ students introduced to our life-changing experiences during 2018.  Every year, students like Feliciana travel from around the world—and from their own backyard here in the Northwest—to raft the Deschutes, climb the North Cascades, scale Smith Rock, or participate in our Portland... Continue Reading →

An Outdoor Uproar!

On the evening of November 15, 2018, our community came together to celebrate  Northwest Outward Bound School’s launch of Outdoor Uproar, an event to shine a light on the need for equity and inclusion for under-represented genders and cultural groups in the outdoor space.

Find Your Passion & Remember to Give Back!

“I’m passionate about the outdoors. I love being outside. And I was able to see through the Outward Bound training how powerful this organization is and what they can do.” ~ Susanne Orton // Wise words from our Chief Development and Engagement Officer, Susanne Orton. A woman who's not only been there, done that and... Continue Reading →

This Summer Give the Gift of Gear!

A single pair of warm gloves can make all the difference. This summer help us collect the gear we need to support our Portland Schools Program and other in-need scholarship programs! From having enough warm gloves, helmets and harnesses for each participant, your gifts ensure that all our student needs are met so they can focus on bigger things.... Continue Reading →

Discovering Confidence & Helping Others

“I feel like I have a voice now...the next step for me is to have my voice heard.” ~ Lupita Balbuena Vazquez, March 30, 2018 This quote comes to us from Lupita Balbuena Vazquez, a 2018 Pinnacle Program scholarship recipient, upon returning home from her 7-day Northwest Outward Bound Rock Climbing course this past spring. Hers is... Continue Reading →

GiveBIG – May 9th!

We are all more capable At Northwest Outward Bound School, we create environments that facilitate self-discovery. Our experiential programs cultivate teamwork, personal growth, and shift how an individual perceives themselves, their potential, and their role in the community. #GiveBIG, May 9th, 2018 – Double Your Impact GiveBIG and change lives. This will be Northwest Outward... Continue Reading →


A few years ago, I started running. As a life-long climber and skier with an impulse towards gravity sports, I hadn't considered running as a fit for me. If I'm to be honest with myself, I think it had more to do with not being a strong runner than any other convenient excuse. As the... Continue Reading →

Staff Transitions

PERSONALLY, I'M NOT READY FOR THE LOSS OF FEAR. I LIKE THE SWEET SPOT OF FEAR AND COURAGE. THAT'S WHERE MOUNTAINS GET SCALED AND RIVERS DESCENDED AND THE HEROES STILL COME HOME. — Florence Williams Summer is right around the corner and with the changing season comes a flurry of activity in Portland, Odin Falls,... Continue Reading →

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